(GHKKPM) Written Update 26th October 2023

(GHKKPM) Written Update 26th October 2023


In this heartfelt narrative, we delve into the lives of the Bhosale family, where contrasting decisions, emotions, and values collide. Savi, a determined young woman, is pitted against her grandmother, Bhavani, as they grapple with a significant family dilemma. Harini, Savi’s elder sister, stands at the heart of this turmoil. As we explore their story, we witness the clashes of tradition and modernity, familial love and personal growth, and the strength of sisterly bonds.

Savi’s Stand

A Clash of Convictions

Savi, a strong-willed individual, opposes Bhavani’s decision with unwavering resolve. She declares that Harini will not withdraw her complaint against Kiran, come what may. Bhavani’s reaction, an attempt to slap Savi, marks the initiation of a fierce confrontation.

The Burden of Atrocities

Savi firmly stands her ground, highlighting the long history of injustices she has endured. She sheds light on Bhavani’s attempts to hinder her education and derail her life, a torment she’s borne silently until now. She reveals the gravity of Harini’s situation, recounting how Harini tried to take her own life, the traumatic experiences with Kiran, and his disturbing advances.

A Sister’s Oath

Savi passionately asserts that this is no longer a matter of personal suffering but a question of her elder sister’s well-being. She emphasizes her commitment to safeguard Harini’s life. In an emotionally charged moment, Savi urges Bhavani to reevaluate her stance on Harini, warning of the consequences if she doesn’t.

A Defiant Departure

In a moment of determination, Savi takes Harini’s hand and walks away, symbolizing her unwavering support for her sister. It’s a powerful act that showcases the strength of their sisterly bond and Savi’s resolve to protect her family.

Ishan’s Concern

A Friend’s Worry

Ishan, a close friend, gets ready for college but expresses concern about the impending marriage proposal for Durva. He questions her motives, wondering if her agreement was a result of anger or a genuine choice.

A Life’s Choices

In a candid conversation with Durva, Ishan emphasizes the importance of making one’s life decisions and promises to support her. He suggests that it’s her life, and he shouldn’t interfere, but he’ll step in if she goes astray.

Mentorship and Ambitions

Ishan’s concern extends to his involvement with Savi’s ambitions. He believes he’s mentoring Savi while she remains indifferent to his support. Ishan worries that Savi’s actions may harm the reputation of the Bhosale Institute.

Bhavani’s Confrontation

A Confrontation

Savi’s bold stance triggers a confrontation between Bhavani and Kiran’s family. Kiran’s mother questions Bhavani’s values and scolds Savi for disrespecting her grandmother. Bhavani, in a powerful retort, questions their values and points out Kiran’s transgressions.

A Protective Grandmother

Bhavani defends Savi’s actions, explaining that she’s a sensitive girl who fights for her rights and her loved ones. She makes it clear that Harini won’t return with her to their hometown. Bhavani warns Kiran’s parents against harming her grandchildren.

Hope and Prayers

A Sister’s Wish

Harini consoles Savi and offers a heartfelt prayer, hoping that Savi finds a life partner like Ishan. She fondly recalls Ishan’s promise to be her mentor.

Ishan’s Jealousy

Jealousy Arises

Ishan overhears Savi’s friends praising her for encouraging Anvi to become a DJ. He can’t help but feel a pang of jealousy. He reprimands the students, urging them to focus on their studies.

An Unexpected Reaction

Ishan’s jealousy becomes apparent as he eagerly awaits Savi’s arrival. He’s taken aback when he overhears the admiration Savi receives for her talents, even from the police commissioner. His frustration mounts as he starts his class.

A Surprising Cure

Ishan’s hiccups, a physical manifestation of his jealousy, come to an unexpected halt when Savi arrives at the scene. Her presence works as a cure, leaving Ishan in bewilderment.

The Test of Consequences

Savi’s Oversight

Savi’s panic sets in as she realizes she missed her test and the possible consequences. She notices multiple missed calls from Ishan, which deepens her worry.

Ishan’s Reaction

Ishan’s concern for Savi’s absence leads to an explosive confrontation. He berates her for missing the exam and heads to the director’s office.

An Unforgiving Mentor

Savi attempts to explain her situation, but Ishan’s anger leaves no room for reconciliation. He rebukes her for her perceived disrespect and questions her worthiness as his student.


This poignant tale explores the complexities of family, the strength of sisterhood, and the choices individuals make in the face of adversity. As Savi, Bhavani, and Ishan navigate their paths, the story weaves together a narrative of tradition, modernity, love, and personal growth.


Is this story based on real events?

No, this story is a work of fiction.

What is the significance of the religious thread mentioned in the article?

The religious thread symbolizes a promise of mentorship and support.

Will Savi and Ishan reconcile in the future?

The article does not provide a clear answer to this question.

What is the setting of the story?

The story is set in a family context, with a focus on the Bhosale family.

How does the story address issues of gender and tradition?

The story highlights the clash between traditional values and the desire for personal growth, especially for the female characters.


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