Imlie 26th October 2023 Written Update

Imlie 26th October 2023 Written  Update

In the heart of a quaint little town, where traditions and family values still hold immense importance, a peculiar drama is unfolding. Meet Agastya and Imlie, the central characters of this intriguing tale, whose lives are intricately woven with secrets, lies, and a fake marriage. Join us as we delve into the exciting world of “Imlie,” where Sonali, a keen observer and a catalyst of drama, is determined to expose the truth.

A Curious Beginning

The story kicks off with Sonali, a sharp-eyed individual, noticing Agastya walking out of a room draped in a blanket. She couldn’t help but taunt him about spending the night away from his newlywed wife, sparking a playful exchange of words. Agastya, unyielding in his stance, advises Sonali to find a hobby and cease her habit of peeping into their room, revealing his awareness of her prying eyes. What’s more, Sonali boldly declares her belief in the fraudulent nature of Agastya’s marriage and vows to unveil it in front of their grandmother, Daadi.

A Brewing Conflict

As the narrative unfolds, Agastya and Imlie’s nok-jhok, a quintessential element of any love story, takes center stage. To create further perplexity, Agastya decides to set up a separate bed for Imlie on the floor, fueling the suspense. Just when things seem to be settling, Sonali unexpectedly knocks on the door. Agastya, quick on his feet, hides Imlie’s bed, scoops her up, and places her on the main bed. He instructs her to act as if they are lost in a romantic rendezvous.

A Twisted Turn of Events

However, the drama doesn’t end there. Imlie, in her commitment to the act, loosens her hair and even tears her dress, adding an unexpected twist to the scenario. Agastya opens the door, questioning Sonali’s motives, only to find her embarrassed by Imlie’s condition. To remedy the situation, Agastya gently lifts Imlie once more and settles her on the bed. Imlie, ever the independent spirit, argues that she can manage on her own. Nevertheless, Agastya insists that she rests, and the scene is accompanied by the melodious tune of “Do Dil Milrahe Hain.”

Unveiling Clues

The plot takes a suspenseful turn when Sonali, Alka, and Sonali begin to notice blood-stained footprints on the floor. The intrigue deepens as Sonali speculates that these prints belong to Imlie, sparking questions about her secret activities outside the house.

A Hidden Identity

The following morning, Imlie, immersed in her morning rituals, sings “Bhor Bhaye Panghat Pe” during tulsi pooja. However, Agastya warns her against singing, as it could potentially reveal her hidden secret. Amidst the ongoing festivities, Imlie’s grandmother, Amma, pays a visit and announces a kohbar pooja in the evening. Amma reveals plans for a grand feast for Purvaiya people, sending Imlie into a state of anxiety, fearing that someone from her past might recognize her.

The Pursuit of Truth

Daadi, perceptive as always, notices Imlie’s unease and resolves to uncover the mystery. She is determined to expose Imlie’s hidden truth, raising the stakes in this gripping drama.

A Desperate Search

As the day progresses, Imlie frantically searches for Agastya, realizing that her secret may be on the brink of discovery. Her attempts to contact him go unanswered, and the tension in the household continues to rise as preparations for the kohbar pooja and festivities are in full swing.

The Unpredictable Turn

In the midst of this chaos, a casual conversation takes an unexpected turn. Sonali teases Agastya about his previous wedding, which he left to be with Imlie. Little do they know that Agastya is about to arrive with someone unexpected, leaving everyone in shock and awe.

And now, dear readers, the stage is set for a series of revelations, confrontations, and a rollercoaster of emotions. As the drama of “Imlie” continues to unfold, be prepared for even more perplexing and bursty twists in this captivating story of love, deception, and hidden identities.


The world of “Imlie” is a rich tapestry of emotions and secrets, where each character plays a pivotal role in shaping the narrative. With each passing episode, the drama becomes more enthralling, and the enigma surrounding Agastya and Imlie’s relationship deepens. Will Sonali succeed in her mission to reveal the truth, or will the duo continue to dance on the fine line between reality and pretense? Only time will tell.


What is the significance of the blood-stained footprints in “Imlie”?

The blood-stained footprints in “Imlie” hint at a mystery surrounding Imlie’s activities outside the house, adding a layer of suspense to the storyline.

Why is Imlie anxious about the feast for Purvaiya people?

Imlie is anxious because she fears that someone from her past may recognize her among the Purvaiya people, which could expose her secret.

How does Agastya’s unexpected arrival with someone else affect the story?

Agastya’s unexpected arrival with someone else takes the story in a new direction, leaving the characters and readers in shock and anticipation.

What are the central themes in “Imlie”?

“Imlie” explores themes of love, deception, hidden identities, and the clash between tradition and modernity in a small-town setting.

Will Agastya and Imlie’s relationship survive the growing tension and secrets?

The future of Agastya and Imlie’s relationship is uncertain, as the story continues to unravel with twists and turns.


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